A Blessed Life –  Nurturing & Changing

It took 13 years for my parents to coax me into accepting an incarnation and I drove a hard bargain. Choosing a life described by an astrologer friend as “fully loaded and if one were shopping for an incarnation, it would be a bargain at nearly any price.” At birth I received a natural love for humans and a guileless ability to attract the same from them. I was given gifts; an instinct for nurturing others, the ability to communicate and a relentless urge to innovate. I arrived blessed by beautiful, artistic, doting parents, possessing vitality, health and a voracious appetite for life.

I’m 68 now gratefully aware of the blessing, and more determined than ever to seize every molecule of meaning and experience from the next phase of my life. Nurturing men to their mature masculinity,  executive coaching high-achievers and working with my wife/partner’s revolutionary healing modality.

People know me from my 20+ years sports and newscasting on television & radio, as politician (Mayor of Los Gatos, CA), 20+ years as a yoga teacher, from charity events or just as “that friendly, black guy”.

My wife is the woman I’ve searched for all my life and she looks like this:

Indeed, blessings continue to find me to this day. One came shortly after I graduated Yale when I asked a wise looking stranger for advice. Go home and meditate on being 95 and about to die. Think about what  you wish you’d done? Try this yourself. It changed my life, inspiring me to change careers every ten years or so even if things were going well. I’ve gone from TV sports to TV news to radio talk to SF Giants PR to a robotics start up to producing children’s TV to local politics to owning a yoga business to running a marketing company to mature masculinity coaching and still have almost 30 years left!

I’ve always been healthy except for a tonsillectomy, enough eczema to keep me out of Vietnam and a nasty habit of almost drowning.

Tops in my class in Wooster High School (actually second to Pete Klosterman… KLOSTERMAN!). As a senior I captained a championship baseball team, made all conference, got accepted to Yale, found my first love. I lived the All-American, Ohio farm boy dream.

I grew up living like a little rich kid because my parents lived in a suite on the second floor in the home of the richest couple in the county. They’d be butler and maid at parties and companions for the wife while the husband was off traveling practicing law and operating a stud farm for top trotting horses. I gleaned another key life lesson from the wife, who in response my precocious 9 year old question, “What’s the best thing about being rich?” replied, “Having almost complete control of my time.” I’ve made almost every career choice with that in mind.

From age 8 I’d wander the estate, which included a lake, small forest, ponies to ride, stud horses to watch doing what studs do, and frequently being visited by my heroes. Players from the Cleveland Browns pro football team would drive the 50 miles to “my” house to BBQ lunch at the home of their lawyer/agent! Just imagine Superman, Spiderman and the Hulk dropping by your place!

Right out of college I got a job with AT&T, then the world’s largest corporation, as a management trainee in Pittsburgh, PA. Bored with the corporate culture after only a year I walked into a television station and despite the odds being minus 100% anyone would even see me, I asked for my dream job. The News Director not only saw me, he liked me and recommended me to another station in the market. After some twists, turns and training, I got the weekend sports anchor job at WIIC-TV channel 11 at 22 years old despite no previous experience!

Although scared to death, I wound up succeeding in Pittsburgh and a station in San Francisco, California asked me to come there and do the same thing. This was not before I said “shitty” on the air describing a frustrating playoff loss for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. I kept my job only because I’d offhandedly asked the venerable news anchor if I could say that, and he, thinking I was kidding, said, “Sure kid”. The outrage (“See what happens when you let a nigger on TV.”) was matched by the good will of having said what any real Pirate fan felt.

San Francisco, California, was (is) hip and sophisticated. I loved sports so much I was great on the air and popular with viewers. Eight years later I left SF to go to San Jose to be a news anchor (mistakenly thinking it was more prestigious) and to escape a mysterious plague that seemed to be killing all my gay friends…

I devoted twenty years as a broadcaster, reporter, anchor, radio talk show host, being master of ceremonies of choice for non-profits, HBO specials, was Norcal Golf Association Journalist of the Year, Radio and TV News Directors Association award winner, Chair of the San Jose Sports Authority Board of Directors, Vice-Chair of the Santa Clara County Ethics Commission, fundraiser for the great job training program, Job Train.

Tired of TV not saving the world fast enough (that was the job I felt I’d been born to do) I left TV news casting and was soon asked by the new owners of the San Francisco Giants baseball team to help influence the SF community to get the votes for a new stadium (Pac Bell). I contributed the deciding vote on choosing the first female public address announcer, thought of the old guy “ball dudes” to catch foul balls, fought and won the case for making Junior Giants Baseball the team’s community PR identity and brought in professional methods to raise funds for the Giants Community Fund.

The tech gold rush going on in Silicon Valley was too tempting not to try, so I left the Giants to go panning. A robotics start-up trying to create the world’s first robot golf caddy seemed plausible, so I helped raise millions to do the engineering that never quite got it done.

Next stop was creative producer for “Adventures with Kangaroddy”, a TV show featuring a karate-kicking Kangaroo that taught emotional intelligence to 5 year olds. It featured Pat Morita and the wives of Joe Montana (Jennifer) and Ronnie Lott (Karen) and was good enough to go public and experience a 10 plus million dollar valuation until it didn’t anymore. About 20 wonderful episodes exist somewhere but it never made money.

About the time the kangaroo stopped kicking, the members of the community I’d moved to asked me to run for town council. I won the seat, served 4 years and got to be Mayor but became convinced I was not cut out for political office. Approached to run for congress, I was repelled by the requirement to raise money full-time and not convinced frequent cross country flights to be only one small voice in a dysfunctional institution was worth it.

I wore my yoga clothes to my last council meeting, and ran directly to a small storefront yoga studio so I might live my dream of teaching yoga and giving massage before I got too old. I invested eleven wonderful years healing others and doing my inner work, lots of it thanks to the only club I’ve ever joined, the ManKind Project, the world’s best men’s inner work organization.

Today my life is committed to excellence, adventure with Olga (my lifetime achievement award) and becoming a sage. I’ve invented the PleasureStretch De-Aging and fulfillment system to keep me vital and healthy long enough that it might just happen.

My mother died suddenly when I was 11 and for my whole adult life I’d been looking for the right woman. Someone I could trust really loved me, would be the partner I always sensed could help me fulfill my potential and enjoy my successes. And, just as I was giving up, in December of 2011, she arrived! A fiery, sensuous, warrior princess from Ukraine, 25 years younger than I, awake, conscious, vibrantly alive, powerfully able to fight her way through all my emotional defenses, she’s done a full restoration on me. We married just seven weeks after we met, are blissful and effective together and look forward to celebrating many anniversaries, sharing our gifts with others. Together  we run an alternative PR & social media marketing agency SocialAgenda Media. We work with couples, use her special healing system as part of coaching peak performance and full living. Laughing and loving, we launch remarkable people with remarkable ideas to live in joy and purpose. What a life!

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