At the dawn of this year, past the solstice with days growing, life calls for course correction, for re-potting our purpose.
We are all actors in the human story taking place in the Matrix. (Please see the HBO series WestWorld for confirmation and insight!) We are reacting and responding to the illusions, believing the force and persistence of perceived reality, shaped by our individual backstory traumas.
2016’s bizarre dramas pulled many of us into group-think; big, ongoing, force-fed narratives. Many struggled and start 2017 still staggering, in shock.
I imagine a pressing need for a return to self-cultivation in order to escape the seductive draw of the insanity-making machine. In such a turbulent sea of disinformation, we need clarity, which can only be found when attention is calmly directed inward.
How can we be inspired, very inspired – today and every day – to act with grace? We are faced with existential fears, entropy, impermanence, old wounds, karma and the desire to do what is impossible!
Remember this brothers and sisters:
“The job of the shaman is to point toward the horizon, to somehow divert the tribe toward the never-ending, never-failing, manifestation of the mysterious unfolding of truth. To remind us that in any event, in any moment, and in any place, nothing can be other than the marvelous revelation of this glorious interplay of light.”
This realization is to experience true freedom and joy beyond comprehension that teaches us, reveals to us, that our daily food and drink, clothes and protections of life, are the very warm flesh and blood, the merciful incarnation of this ever-present living, divine mystery.
We can then be grateful and respectful, even though some may appear to be fools or so-called enemies, we can remember to be expansive, warm and compassionate toward everyone and every thing.
Even if they should turn against us, abuse and persecute us, we can remember our fearless heart, our path of wisdom, compassion, nonviolence, and skillful means. Before we react, we can consider deeply our personal and collective karma that birthed these conditions and circumstances.” Torei (edited)
As one more clearly one understands how things endlessly arise and pass away, the more fully we come to realize that the fundamental categories of thought and language are incapable of describing the fluid, contingent and sometimes tragic nature of life.
In my tradition one finds power and self-actualizes by dropping one’s cross of suffering, stepping out of the prison of the mind and realizing the only egoless wisdom comes from the body and is achieved by consciously choosing a practice like this one:
1. Profoundly let go. Use breathing and connection to the natural, to reach a state of deep physical, mental & emotional relaxation – a zero point from which one can literally re-boot one’s system.
2. Recognize and accept that “reality just is what it is” and that savoring it, rather than craving what appears to be missing, tames anxiety and allows us the freedom to act in accord with the whole without needing to figure it all out, control it, change it or even understand it.
3. Realize nearly every uncomfortable feeling is a messenger from shadow (that which we’ve been convinced to hide, repress or deny about ourself) and that those feelings are driving us toward self-sabotage. That those habitual feelings and thoughts block us from recognizing our opportunity, and response-ability to be empowered in every situation.
4. Recognize that EVERYTHING we want and need is hidden in plain sight and becomes available in due time with patience, gratitude and dis-identification from egoistic knowing.
5. Understand that things seem not as they are but show up as a reflection of how we are – which thoughts and feelings we chose to believe. The Matrix melts as we choose to focus on thoughts and feelings that direct us toward physical, mental and emotional fitness, connection, expansion, flexibility and resilience.
6. Consistently practice 360° awareness and presence, focus on what needs to be done and allow the soul’s passion to take effective action in the present moment.
“By following this process, we stop being victims of the world and become the world. As the resulting radiant beings we naturally act as empathy, compassion, and love. We become enthusiastic, liberated, independent agents of an interdependent whole. In short: We become present, holistic, able to model and inspire order within the chaos. We begin to recognize within us a field of pure expansive awareness, wisdom, compassion and skillful means.” McGee
As Shane Koyczan said, “Rise. As if the sun has taken the day off and hired you as its substitute, leaving behind its lesson plan in a world full of students who can see no practical value in what you are teaching. Teach them anyway. Today’s lesson is the same as every day before it. Because the class has been struggling with this assignment, shine. You must teach this by example. So hand out sunglasses. And do not dim yourself for the sake of their comfort… Remember, some people require more light than others. So make extra.”
What’s the problem –
The miracle of existence, our awesome embodiment adventure and the objective fact that in many ways circumstances in our world have never been better, is being undermined by a pernicious internal chaos and sense of overwhelm. I imagine it as a combination of:
1. Having been convinced life is about commodities rather than communities, competition rather than cooperation – and the resulting materialism, consumerism, narcissism and confusion about how to deal with the fear and discomfort that’s blocking our natural experience of peace, connection and passionate productivity.
2. A pervasive alienation from our natural connection to nature, love, work, soul, joy, freedom our institutions and one another.
3. A media-protected, plutocracy-driven fear of impending environmental, terrorist or financial doom which contributes to a sense of victimization, distrust, confusion and self loathing.
We miss the peace of knowing that we are born of the earth and that we are simply one aspect of an ecosystem; and that the other members, the animals and plants . . . are all conscious; and this ignorance and alienation fuels our suffering.
We have reduced human experience down to economic terms, convinced that our meaning and worth are related to what we have.
Stress is the direct result of being conditioned by this unnatural culture. We believe the grand lie, that there is a hierarchy where some humans are more deserving of opportunity, wealth and even divine love.
A New Vision
I imagine basic shifts for our culture:
A deep shift in our way of feeling and being (ontology) that has us value being natural, relaxed and graceful.
A shift in our way of knowing (epistemology) that moves toward reverence for the mysteries of living, that recognizes how much we actually don’t know or understand.
A shift of core value frameworks (axiology) that turns us from alienated competition toward living in supportive, healing, cooperative communities.
As those shift, we can then become quiet, safe and spacious enough inside to show ourselves and one another the sensitivity, respect, playfulness and curiosity we all need to be able to actualize and cooperate – grounded in pleasure and grace.
The Current Costs
The Centers for Disease Control reports 90% of doctor visits can be traced back to chronic stress. Alienation, stress, trauma, fear and overwhelm and their symptoms and chronic conditions run rampant in America, and take these forms:
Anger and abuse
Heart disease
Back, neck and shoulder pain
Ulcers and other stomach problems
Sleep dysfunction
Weight gain
Memory and concentration impairment
Respiratory disorders
Addictions to work, shopping, distractions, drugs
Cirrhosis of the liver
Common colds
Absenteeism and lost productivity
Immune system deficiency and slower healing
Diseases of aging including, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, certain types of disability, even early death
50% of American adults suffer from one or more of these chronic conditions.
In my judgment, this is the issue of our times. It serves as the root cause for much of the distress in our culture. Where for individuals chronic stress leads to poor judgement, self sabotage, antisocial behavior and all the health conditions listed above – there is a parallel dysfunction happening in and to the culture. In fact, our culture needs a metaphorical time out… An extended vacation communing with nature… More sleep, clean water, better nutrition, and a long, loving hug.
I’m served by an antidote to chronic stress I call PleasureStretch – a practice of healing through rooted relaxation, a way of shamanically getting the body to re-member what is real and then act in accord with it.
Let’s wake up from our shared dreaming this year.
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So far, soooo good!

10 Feb

Jan Hutchins life business coach coaching san jose san francisco bay area

I awake having lived exactly 65 years, an auspicious amount of time in our culture, calling for reflection and response. Below is the reflection. The response is to offer you a gift for my birthday.

In the most important ways body, primary relationship, and way of being in the world, my life reflects the plan I laid out for myself at age 18:

I am a human-based, universal energy being.  My purpose is to communicate health, love, joy, compassion, understanding and enthusiasm.  I intend inspiration, a good reputation, abundance, leaving things better than I found them.  To succeed I must maintain authentic presence, right attitude, follow intuition, constantly learn, remain fit, keep perspective, breathe deeply, cultivate a regular rebirth.”

Body – 47 years later, my body is strong, healthy, flexible and resilient. I weigh almost exactly what I weighed at 18 and I am more fit and am having more joy in this embodiment than ever.

Primary relationship – One of my coaches says “Look across the breakfast table at your mate and know they are, inside and out, a mirror for you.” If that’s true, as I look across at my wife, Olga Kostrova, I see I’m incredibly loving, smart, creative, beautiful, hardworking, sexy, direct, demanding and devoted to conscious, low-consumption living.

Way in the world – We live an abundant, low-consumption life, have zero debt, our bank account continues to grow and we’ve designed a lifestyle that is adventurous and free. We’re spending this winter running our business from a condo on the beach in warm, wonderful Panama. In our business: I write (love), coach (a calling), sell (a practice), speak (a responsibility) and help clients market themselves and their businesses (a blessing). And, we’ve started a new sustainable lifestyle business venture here, and will be launching it in California and Florida this spring.

For 45 years I’ve studied yoga and fitness and been around world-class athletes. Using that knowledge and experience I’ve designed, practice and teach a meditation, Longevity Meditation and an exercise system for Baby Boomers, PleasureStretch.

I’ve experienced:

  • 20 years as a sports and news anchor on television
  • Running community PR for the San Francisco Giants, and currently doing thought leadership marketing as a co-founder of SocialAgenda Media
  • Producing a children’s television program that was awarded an Emmy
  • Being Mayor of Los Gatos, California
  • Running a yoga studio
  • Being a Ritual Elder at ManKind Project initiations
  • Being honored as a Black Journalism Pioneer
  • Discovering after 60, the best years of my life, which include finding a woman I describe as “my lifetime achievement award.”

I’ve ridden the Wheel of Life up and down many times.

I’ve faced the dark night of my soul.

I don’t believe anything and I believe in everything.

To paraphrase Nisargadatta Maharaj, when I look outside myself with love, I see that I am everything and there is only oneness. When I look inside myself with wisdom, I see that I am nothing and there is only space.

I notice that everything contains everything else and cannot be understood separate from its environment; that a leaf contains, as do we, sun, wind, earth, water, fire, ether, something of the energy of every other being and thing.

I notice that it’s hurt people who hurt people.

I notice this is a dynamic and emergent reality where there is nothing worthy of belief, and observe everything is only a current hallucination or close approximation and here for us to play with and improve.

I “get” that once I reach a conclusion, I am left only to validate and defend it.  Said another way: 

I’ve learned the hard way about shadows, projections, thoughts and feelings and how my fearful ego uses them to protect itself, hurt you, sabotage me, judge all of “them” and ignore the fact that everything I think and feel is an illusion I overlay onto the transcendental, mysterious experience of living.

I could go on for days with pearls from my 65 years of study and experience, but before blowing out my birthday candle today, here’s the gift.

A wise one wrote, “The challenge of being a sage is to be able to look into the dark and not be afraid.” Death is coming, and even though it might still be far away, I know it’s coming. That fact and this birthday make me responsible to start passing on what I’ve learned.

People pay me $hundreds an hour for coaching. Many are people raised without fathers or by fathers who were emotionally unavailable. Those I coach benefit from my being a safe, elder, male, able to “see” them and bless them in ways they’ve never experienced on their journey. If they are willing to do the work, I’m able to help them release old wounds, drop self-sabotaging behaviors, find balance and actual joy in their success, to finally be able to rest, feel safe and at peace. Single mothers sense when an older man’s energy is what their teens or twenties child needs. Those who know they can do more are attracted to someone who has done so much. Those lost and afraid can stop fighting because there’s no one left here to fight.

So with gratitude for the understanding of my regular clients, my gift to 65 “qualified” members of this tribe is 30 minutes of free coaching via Skype or Google Hangout. Reach out at jan @ to discuss and work out arrangements to sit together. Qualified = committed, willing to be challenged, willing to allow themselves to be seen.

Happy birthday! 🙂



by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media.

My executive coaching recognizes organizations reflect the personality of their leaders. I work with individuals to making improvements in their awareness of their inner processes, beliefs and patterns. We then identify the best conscious choices to replace what we agree is ineffective. We co-create practices to ground the new choices into positive habits and ways of being. From this place of improved inner excellence, the executive’s education, experience and insight can emerge more effectively and productivity and culture in their organization improves accordingly.

My speaker profile with current speeches can be found here.

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You can find other videos on our Youtube Channel.

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by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media.

I recognize the opportunity and burden of leadership requires individuals blessed with the role become eager students. Learning from case studies, self-study, constant reinvention and careful situational analysis is necessary to support the gift of a natural leadership personality. Our world cries out for more of us to manifest better leadership in ourselves and in the many roles we play in life.

Please find my speaker profile on SocialAgenda Media’s speaker’s bureau.

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by Jan Hutchins, a former Mayor of Los Gatos, CA. Recently named a Black Journalism Pioneer for his 20+ years as a television news and sports anchor in the Bay Area. Jan Hutchins is a motivational speaker, a coach for celebrities, now CEO of SocialAgenda Media whose mission is to identify and evangelize the ideas, principles and technologies that positively impact individuals, markets and communities.

Todd May, in an op-ed piece for the NY Times online, asked, “Is American Nonviolence Possible?” and then explored solutions to America’s violence problem. I say:

  1. The answer to the question he asks is no
  2. The problem is not America’s
  3. We are better served to see answer rather than seek solution

Prompted by the Boston bombings, May offers readers notable examples of recent public violence that prompted his dispirited question. I avoid using a list of similar events here, his or mine, because I judge it creates fear, the urge to control and keeps us looking out rather than in.

May’s analysis offers theories for why the events proliferate and then points to our aloneness as a reason. “Others are not our partners, nor even our colleagues.  They are our competitors or our enemies.  They are hardly to be recognized, much less embraced.  They are to be vanquished.”

Europeans, less violent by most measures have an obsession with what we call soccer, a game based on cooperation and acceptance of a difficult limitation (no hands) as a price for being in the game/community.

American football, on the other hand, creates collisions and encourages aggression. That football dominates American television (and not just sports) is no accident. It doesn’t matter which came first the beer or the concussion, it’s a match made in media heaven and resonates with a gladiator culture (celebrated on the covers of ESPN the Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, GQ, Vanity Fair) that increasingly drugs itself to ease the pain at its core. Note: Death from prescribed pain meds is now the leading cause of accidental death in America.

Forty-one years ago, as a naïve, optimistic rookie sportscaster on Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania TV, I was told by my first news director that I should not expect to make much difference in the lives of the audience (At the time, I felt able to, and responsible for, saving the world) because, he said, the average person watching our broadcasts had a third grade education, worked a job he hated, had already had two or more beers and was living in quiet desperation.

Today, chastened by experience, I limit expectation of others and no longer underestimate the challenge of being emotionally intelligent. So it is simple math, comparing the number of solutions I’ve found looking outside to the results from making changes inside, which gets me to the point I’m writing to offer. It’s all an inside game. Gandhi was right, I must be the change I want to see in the world. Or, as mystic Ramana Maharshi puts it, “Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.” And we can’t leave out the Jungian perspective, “Engage in a relationship with the blind and sickly parts of yourself, perfect them, and you will awaken your hidden divinity.”

In other words, non-violence will occur in our world in direct proportion to the amount of non-violence we experience inside ourselves. Depending on laws, strategies, alliances, campaigns, allies, politics, etc. are rational and real choices but ultimately ineffective, if I, you, we, and they cannot be at peace inside. We must heal ourselves before we try to heal the world, or we’ll just spread the violence we carry.

We are brain-based, trained to try to control outcomes. There is another way, which is embracing events, yes, even the tragic and violent ones, as having been sent into our lives for a greater purpose. To paraphrase the great poet Rumi, “The Great Mind glimpses a lovely hunt going on, where god is hunter and everything else the hunted, That mind sees and tries to quit hunting and completely be prey…. The way to distinguish the true from the false is, Whichever explication makes you feel fiery and hopeful, humble and active, that’s the true one, If it makes you feel lazy, it’s not right.”

The challenge/opportunity of improving my behavior, my peacefulness, my compassion feels fiery and hopeful. Depending on getting others to change feels lazy, not right and damn near impossible.

Doing the inner work is a real hero’s journey and requires what my friend, Ray Arata calls the ARATAcode; Awareness, Responsibility, Accountability, Tenacity and Acceptance. Awareness of the early influences that are so ingrained we must become Super Aware to become able to see them, willingness to be Responsible for my own feelings and behaviors and the life they create, courageous enough to be Accountable for the consequences of my behavior (intended or not) and able to do what I say I’ll do, Tenacity to keep going on the arduous path however many times I fail or doubt I can go on, and perhaps hardest of all, to be Acceptance and forgiveness for myself, others and all that is. No wonder we would rather try “solutions”!

Crowdfundign campaign marketing for non-violence and peaceRay wrote a book, “Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up” about how to do one’s inner work and has dedicated himself to by 2015 getting a million men the book and other practical guidance, tools and inspiration for emotional maturity and accountability so they become able to prevent and resolve conflict in their families, workplaces and communities. Starting May 1st he’s crowdfunding the money to do it and collecting stories of people from around the world to include in a second edition of his book by using a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

If my argument is persuasive and you agree inner work is what will produce outer changes in our world you can support his already successful crowdfunding campaign “Crowd-Authoring ARATACode” and any similar campaigns from other peacemakers.

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I’ve just found out I’ve been honored (with several of my favorite “peeps” who are talented and admirable characters) as a Black Journalism Pioneer and will receive a tribute Saturday June 22nd along with fellow honorees Valerie Coleman, Gerri Lange, Barbara Rodgers and Ray Taliaferro at Geoffrey’s in Oakland. See the announcement here.

The honorary chairs of the event are the Honorable Willie Brown (former Chair of the State Assembly and Mayor of San Francisco), Honorable Elihu Harris (former Democratic Assemblyman and Mayor of Oakland), Fred Jordan, Alameda County Treasurer Donald White and boadcast legend Belva Davis.


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“Peace is not a result of victory. The real peace comes when you lose all the battles, and fully surrender to what is. Then there is nothing more to win. Yet then there is no peace to lose…” Olga Kostrova

My wife’s insight opens me to why I think my executive coaching sessions serve clients so well.

I’ve won big and lost big during my lifetime. Life’s Wheel of Fortune eventually spins one out to the edge and anxiety, holding on for dear life; or the spinning pulls one into the center, where, like an axle, the ups and downs and twists and turns can be watched from a place of relative peace. I’ve won and lost enough during these 60 plus years to be reasonably detached from winning and losing. This creates space for the client, room to accept of whatever comes up for the client, a comfort that supports transformation through barriers previously too connected to old fears for the client to step through alone.

I’m surprised to often hear from people that I carry blessing energy and everyone, as a human need, wants to be blessed, seen. Men especially, regardless of their level of accomplishment, at their core appreciate being seen and blessed by an elder. It’s tribal, in our genes.

I’m no longer surprised when clients come to us (SocialAgenda Media) for business reasons – PR, marketing and business development, but soon realize there are internal blocks, old beliefs and protective habits involved in creating the business issues. In sports coaches use the term “take what the defense gives you” that implies there is always room to move forward because the offense controls the ball and gets to choose the play. In sports the cliché is used to keep players from becoming greedy or trying too hard to score and thus making mistakes.

Once clients have done this inner work, it’s easier for us to help them identify their real mission and vision that drive their business.

When we look inside the blocks, beliefs and habits make us greedy, need to prove something to ourselves or others and keep us from taking what the defense gives us. “Few of the very rich credit their success to being smart. They say the keys to success are being honest and disciplined, getting along with people, having a supportive spouse and working hard. They usually work hard, save diligently, and live far below their means. They knew what they wanted, modeled the successes of other successful people, made plans, took action, and stayed the course despite their fears and doubts.”

In other words they took what the defense gave them and depended on the easy to see, hard to believe (if I’m wounded and can’t imagine life is actually wanting me to succeed) basics available to us all.

I find ways to get my clients to see what Rob Brezny wrote about in his book Pronoia, “Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. It’s the understanding that the universe is fundamentally friendly. It’s a mode of retraining your senses and intellect so you’re able to perceive that life always gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.”

I call my work executive coaching but you needn’t have a title to
contact me. I’ll make space for you…

Yours truly, Jan Hutchins

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By Jan Hutchins, CEO SocialAgenda Media

I answered the phone feeling great. I was in Hawaii, after all, and the previous call had been to inform me I’d just won election to the Los Gatos, California town council and received the most votes among the candidates. “Jan Hutchins here!” I eagerly answered, “How can I help you?”

“I’m with the (San Jose) Mercury News and we’re following up on a story,” said the voice on the other end, “Someone’s accusing you of being unpatriotic and against the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Thus began a weeklong adventure and education inside a media shit storm. Constant calls for comment, TV reporters waiting outside my home, an appearance on Ronn Owens’ highly rated KGO radio talk show, and pro-con attitudes in my face everywhere I went.

The facts hardly mattered.  I had given the pledge while speaking at a service club during the campaign and, when asked, said I substituted, ideals for flag in the opening phrase describing that I was “pledging my allegiance to the ideals (vs flag) of the United States of America”. It seemed like an obvious improvement to me since my allegiance is not to the piece of cloth but to the ideals it represents. Silly me.

Thank goodness for having enough wisdom not to try to change those who either didn’t understand symbolism or were “triggered” beyond reason. By basically saying only the phrase “I do pledge my allegiance to the ideals of the United States of America and am willing to stand by that statement.” The firestorm blew over in a week, the dispensers of drama had moved on.

The lessons I took from this that apply to crisis response are:

  • Control the message outside self by controlling the messages inside self

Say only what you want to have heard, written about the subject.

Don’t feel obliged to answer the questions asked. Reporters are after a story; they are not your friends. You only owe them respect.

Crisis can be a time to identify the ineffective habits learned in your past.

Use the opportunity to unlearn any reaction to act from anger, control others, and/or defensively react to feeling emotional pain.

  • You can’t control people, places or things

Ask for the serenity
to accept the things you cannot change; the courage to change the things you can; 
and wisdom to know the difference. (From The Serenity Prayer)

As hard as it might be to believe, have the compassion to recognize that people are usually doing the best they can. Judgmental pricks… (It’s the best I can do, really!)

  • Apologize and forgive

It never hurts to say, “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.” See the suffering in the other that is motivating an attack on you and remember it’s hurt people who hurt people.

Resentment is literally heavy to carry; while forgiveness releases energy and frees you.

Flash Forward

Recently a digital discussion of our business model at our company, SocialAgenda Media, offered an opportunity to practice these lessons.  See my partner/wife’s blog about it here.

A reporter showed one of our letters, “I supply you with fully developed stories (completed articles) that you can publish under your byline, with or without editing, at no fee.” to an Internet blogger and some of the reactions and opinions about what we do were so harsh my wife shielded me from it. You can read her responses in the comment thread of the article. BTW, She’s got a great skirt for me to hide behind ;-).

As so often happens the conversation came to be about symptoms, in this case, the not so slow death of newspaper journalism and who’s to blame for the ripples radiating out from the disaster, rather than the core failed business model problem that begs for an open-minded search for solutions, including new ways to fund accountability and investigative journalism in this era of the Internet and corporate media consolidation.

SocialAgenda Media is attempting to support the continued existence of quality journalism using a new business model that will be able to support the work of journalists and viability of newspapers and magazines in new ways as the old ways die.

The prohibition against even the appearance of money being exchanged for information in journalism rests on the concern it will give consumers a bad impression. The implication that association with money automatically makes the content unreliable taken to its conclusion, makes all content coming out of any enterprise suspect. Pew Research statistics show believability of newspapers and TV news and information down to around 50% and falling fast, hardly a recommendation for maintaining the status quo.

For the record, I seek ways to finance getting good ideas, people and products the exposure they deserve in the hope the information will make a positive difference in their and our worlds. It’s as simple, and apparently for some as complex, as that. For more on the topic of paying journalists

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by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media.
Jan Hutchins, media advocate, brand evangelist, PR expert, journalist, San Francisco Bay Area
Disaster always sets the stage for opportunity, fresh growth, new perspective. The demise of paper-based journalism threatens to put down our watchdog, weaken the forces that traditionally comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, eliminate the institutions in our society which enforce civic accountability through their ability to expose and hold other institutions accountable.

How can we create an economic model that supports investigative and accountability journalism? I say we start with beauty and work our way to truth.

I’m here to cut through the problem, disrupting the existing business model, to help media break even or even make money acquiring first rate content.

I’m here to help entrepreneurs rethink their publicity process to obtain guaranteed media coverage where traditional PR can’t. I do it bypassing press releases and media pitches – I investigate, come up with a story that is relevant for editorial and develop articles that media is interested to publish. Both win. Media get quality content – visionaries get their dreams told and gain an audience for their idea.

I help business leaders whose ideas I believe in, build their brand and deepen their relationship with their vision along the way. I enable cash-strapped publications facing increased competition to finance content research and production.

Jan Hutchins with Ken Goldman,  The New Yahoo CFO

Interviewing Ken Goldman, the new Yahoo CFO

It takes time and resources to get an idea developed into a comprehensive story that actually has meaningful editorial value. That’s what I offer to my clients. I want to share with you this different way to obtain media coverage.

More than ever businesses need favorable publicity and quality content for social engagement, and they need both to cost less. Media outlets need quality content to retain existing and attract new audiences, and also need it to cost less.

Have you ever worked with a PR agency? And how was your experience? Business owners or marketing executives know that your retainer does not guarantee you coverage.

Print media now, and television in the coming years, face the possibility their business models no longer work. Even digital media struggles with low barriers to entry and increased competition. Everyone acknowledges content is King. Publications need to produce better content at lower cost, ideally for free, to hold on until they find a new model.

And we can offer them what want. We give them your story.

I’ll tell you more, but first let me share this… My passion for this was born in 1969 in New Haven, CT. I had just been tear-gassed.

I remember feeling disappointed. My eyes were burning, but nothing like I’d imagined they would after being so close to the “action”. We were gathered in the TV room in our dorm at Yale, still breathless from the dash back from the front lines.

We’d ventured out that day fortified (and pacified) by the brown rice and salad the Yale administrators were feeding to students and protestors. I wen to see the Yippees (Youth International Party) who had come to town to provoke police and put things into perspective with their genius form of street theater.

National guard troops lining the streets of New Haven had fired tear gas to disperse rock throwers there protesting Black Panther Party national chairman Bobby Seale being tried for murder conspiracy. The courthouse was just across a small city park from Yale. Our campus had become the latest stop on the rolling revolution that was the 60’s in America. Our front-row seats to the show were close enough we got a strong whiff of the tear gas.

Now, with the events of the day behind us, adrenaline subsiding, we were ready for reviews of the drama from none other than Walter Cronkite! Uncle Walter as we called him, was the icon of journalism for his generation. It seemed my whole life he’d reassured me each evening by ending his broadcasts with “And that’s the way it is.”

Amazingly our drama wasn’t the lead story. We had to wait until the third segment of the CBS Evening News to see “how it was”. As it turned out it wasn’t like it was. The report of the event we’d just been part of bore only a slight resemblance to my experience and when Uncle Walter confidently ended the broadcast with “And…That’s the way it is” my world had changed forever.

Neither the FBI nor the Black Panthers nor my relationship with journalism was ever the same again; all had lost credibility thanks to the confusion and illusion they were selling.

40 years later, 20 of them spent becoming increasingly disillusioned as a TV journalist, I’m still seeking a way to make Uncle Walter’s words “and that’s the way it is” ring true again. How can I do what I love, tell good stories about people and ideas and feel I’m contributing to the world, rather than reporting mind numbing crap to help sell commercials for some media conglomerate.

Journalism as I knew it is gone forever. It’s so bad the cruel and comedic suggest newspapers should title their obit section “Subscriber Countdown.”

There are wonderful insights to be consumed about why and where it all might be headed. Research Clay Shirky’s work!
He says, get ready to live in a world where media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you is not worth your time to consume.

I’ve watched the career challenges faced by my journalist and media management friends, and I’ve watched, and been, an entrepreneur struggling to get media coverage without spending a fortune on PR agencies that don’t always deliver results. So I’ve decided to use my passion for discovering and telling a good story to get editors meaningful content at the same time I help entrepreneurs get, at minimal cost, the notice they deserve.

I write with passion and my whole life I have been communicating about the human drama with its dreams, splendid successes and hard life lessons in ways that have produced PR, political and personal brand success. I choose to work with business owners who need someone to help them draw out the passion at the core of their business and get their story told in a way that it gets picked up by the media.

Here’s how I work:

I don’t produce press releases that struggle to be seen in the avalanche of competition. I don’t produce press releases at all, really. How many newsworthy events does your company really have? But… we can tell stories, approaching your distinction and value proposition from different angles.

I uncover the differentiating nuances, add memorable elements to the story about you, your business, industry, the needs you fill, or problems you solve. I write it as an objective but passionate journalism/literature piece, and place it in media relevant to your demographics, generating positive brand perception and public awareness. Often the coverage offers search engine advantages due to inbound links, and provokes relevant social media conversations.

I save businesses money and guarantee results and, at the same time, save publications money and write compelling stories relevant to their audience.

Additional Options:
Video interviews, video case studies, corporate TV channel development.

Contact me, see if we share your vision and can work together to get you the audience you deserve.

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