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By Jan Hutchins, CEO SocialAgenda Media I answered the phone feeling great. I was in Hawaii, after all, and the previous call had been to inform me I’d just won election to the Los Gatos, California town council and received the most votes among the candidates. “Jan Hutchins here!” I eagerly answered, “How can I […]

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by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media. Disaster always sets the stage for opportunity, fresh growth, new perspective. The demise of paper-based journalism threatens to put down our watchdog, weaken the forces that traditionally comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, eliminate the institutions in our society which enforce civic accountability through their ability to […]

by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media. One of effectiveness “guru” Steven Covey’s gems is his recommendation that communication works best if one seeks to clearly understand the “other” before seeking to communicate one’s ideas or information to the “other.” People like to feel heard and understood before being comfortable giving their full attention and trust to […]

by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media. My original urge was to title this blog New Media – Art or Science? I’m an artist at heart and have consistently felt an emotional reaction when directed to do SEO to decide the subject matter and flow of ideas for something I’m writing. Don’t get me wrong, I recognize […]

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