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I’m married to an actual angel and have two healthy, happy adult children.  My wife, Olga Kostrova, is wise, beautiful, gifted, creative, fiery, tenacious and incredibly loving.  We experienced love at first (actually third) sight and were married just seven weeks after meeting.  We’ve vowed to birth from our marriage an evolutionary jump, a quantum leap in the manifested world by being intensely alive, totally present and committed to productivity.

She’s a tech entrepreneur, as a well as a healer and spiritual teacher. Her genius transformation method is called PhysioEmoDynamics.  Incredibly powerful, it changed me in the first session, setting motion an eventual surrender by my rock hard, suffering, resistant ego.  I live now in ease, confidence and joy.  I’ve repeatedly watched someone go into her session and been amazed when a different person emerges two hours later, changed in posture, persona, energy field.

My Olychka was making her bread and butter serving as VP of Marketing for a technology company while building her new tech startups. Currently we travel, speak and run a thought leadership marketing company SocialAgenda Media.

Here’s a self-portrait of my father:











Here’s Dad’s mother. We all called her big Mama:

My dear son Jordan is a chef and an amazing being – I am so proud of him.