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10 Feb

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I awake having lived exactly 65 years, an auspicious amount of time in our culture, calling for reflection and response. Below is the reflection. The response is to offer you a gift for my birthday.

In the most important ways body, primary relationship, and way of being in the world, my life reflects the plan I laid out for myself at age 18:

I am a human-based, universal energy being.  My purpose is to communicate health, love, joy, compassion, understanding and enthusiasm.  I intend inspiration, a good reputation, abundance, leaving things better than I found them.  To succeed I must maintain authentic presence, right attitude, follow intuition, constantly learn, remain fit, keep perspective, breathe deeply, cultivate a regular rebirth.”

Body – 47 years later, my body is strong, healthy, flexible and resilient. I weigh almost exactly what I weighed at 18 and I am more fit and am having more joy in this embodiment than ever.

Primary relationship – One of my coaches says “Look across the breakfast table at your mate and know they are, inside and out, a mirror for you.” If that’s true, as I look across at my wife, Olga Kostrova, I see I’m incredibly loving, smart, creative, beautiful, hardworking, sexy, direct, demanding and devoted to conscious, low-consumption living.

Way in the world – We live an abundant, low-consumption life, have zero debt, our bank account continues to grow and we’ve designed a lifestyle that is adventurous and free. We’re spending this winter running our business from a condo on the beach in warm, wonderful Panama. In our business: I write (love), coach (a calling), sell (a practice), speak (a responsibility) and help clients market themselves and their businesses (a blessing). And, we’ve started a new sustainable lifestyle business venture here, and will be launching it in California and Florida this spring.

For 45 years I’ve studied yoga and fitness and been around world-class athletes. Using that knowledge and experience I’ve designed, practice and teach a meditation, Longevity Meditation and an exercise system for Baby Boomers, PleasureStretch.

I’ve experienced:

  • 20 years as a sports and news anchor on television
  • Running community PR for the San Francisco Giants, and currently doing thought leadership marketing as a co-founder of SocialAgenda Media
  • Producing a children’s television program that was awarded an Emmy
  • Being Mayor of Los Gatos, California
  • Running a yoga studio
  • Being a Ritual Elder at ManKind Project initiations
  • Being honored as a Black Journalism Pioneer
  • Discovering after 60, the best years of my life, which include finding a woman I describe as “my lifetime achievement award.”

I’ve ridden the Wheel of Life up and down many times.

I’ve faced the dark night of my soul.

I don’t believe anything and I believe in everything.

To paraphrase Nisargadatta Maharaj, when I look outside myself with love, I see that I am everything and there is only oneness. When I look inside myself with wisdom, I see that I am nothing and there is only space.

I notice that everything contains everything else and cannot be understood separate from its environment; that a leaf contains, as do we, sun, wind, earth, water, fire, ether, something of the energy of every other being and thing.

I notice that it’s hurt people who hurt people.

I notice this is a dynamic and emergent reality where there is nothing worthy of belief, and observe everything is only a current hallucination or close approximation and here for us to play with and improve.

I “get” that once I reach a conclusion, I am left only to validate and defend it.  Said another way: 

I’ve learned the hard way about shadows, projections, thoughts and feelings and how my fearful ego uses them to protect itself, hurt you, sabotage me, judge all of “them” and ignore the fact that everything I think and feel is an illusion I overlay onto the transcendental, mysterious experience of living.

I could go on for days with pearls from my 65 years of study and experience, but before blowing out my birthday candle today, here’s the gift.

A wise one wrote, “The challenge of being a sage is to be able to look into the dark and not be afraid.” Death is coming, and even though it might still be far away, I know it’s coming. That fact and this birthday make me responsible to start passing on what I’ve learned.

People pay me $hundreds an hour for coaching. Many are people raised without fathers or by fathers who were emotionally unavailable. Those I coach benefit from my being a safe, elder, male, able to “see” them and bless them in ways they’ve never experienced on their journey. If they are willing to do the work, I’m able to help them release old wounds, drop self-sabotaging behaviors, find balance and actual joy in their success, to finally be able to rest, feel safe and at peace. Single mothers sense when an older man’s energy is what their teens or twenties child needs. Those who know they can do more are attracted to someone who has done so much. Those lost and afraid can stop fighting because there’s no one left here to fight.

So with gratitude for the understanding of my regular clients, my gift to 65 “qualified” members of this tribe is 30 minutes of free coaching via Skype or Google Hangout. Reach out at jan @ to discuss and work out arrangements to sit together. Qualified = committed, willing to be challenged, willing to allow themselves to be seen.

Happy birthday! 🙂


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