Thought Leadership Expert

Jan Hutchins social agenda media speakerJan Hutchins is a thought leadership marketing expert, political and media consultant and content producer with more than twenty years of experience as a news anchor, host and reporter on radio, TV, industrials and online.

He appeared as a sports or news anchor, reporter and/or host on WIIC-TV (Pittsburgh, PA), KPIX-TV, KRON-TV, KGO Radio, HBO, KCBS Radio, ESPN, KICU-TV. He is an Emy Award winning Creative Producer for American Champion Media’s “Adventures with Kanga Roddy” starring Pat Morita, Jennifer Montana and Karen Lott.

In addition, Jan Hutchins spent four years on the Los Gatos Town Council and served as Mayor there in 1999. Most recently he left the Yoga Center of Los Gatos where he served as owner, teacher and manager for 11 years coaching one-on-one the elite of the South Bay.

Having the dual experience of covering news and being covered by the media Hutchins has formed insights and understanding expressed in his blog “New Media – Art & Science”. The incentives and other forces affecting the balance between art and science are at the heart of his perspective.

Jan Hutchins lives in San Jose with his beautiful wife Olga Kostrova, runs his thought leadership marketing agency SocialAgenda Media, and in his leisure time evangelizes PleasureStretch – designed by him De-Aging Exercise System.

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