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Need a charismatic, sophisticated leadership keynote speaker or an MC for your next event?

Jan Hutchins – Bay Area TV news anchor, businessman, politician, community activist and journalist. See his speaker profile.

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Jan Hutchins is key to JobTrain’s success and image. As emcee for 30 years, Jan put Breakfast of Champions on the Silicon Valley map. Jan not only emcees our successful Golf Classic, but he actually conceptualized and launched the event. Jan’s sophisticated perspective, generous heart and irreverent humor add up to an irresistible style with plenty of substance.

Sharon Williams, Executive Director of JobTrain

Jan will be delighted to share his insights on any of the subjects below (click here to see an article with a sample of one of Jan’s speeches):

  • What I learned about politics serving on the council and as a Mayor of Los Gatos
  • Why I didn’t run for Congress when asked
  • How to build relationships with press and get unlimited media coverage to grow your business
  • Building your personal or company brand and becoming a thought leader as a way to reach your goals
  • The next Baby Boomer led social revolution
  • Television news & sports career anecdotes, controversial opinions
  • Traditional Media vs New Media and its implications
  • Techniques for living the most meaningful, active and fulfilling life after 60
  • How to find new purpose and build new careers after 50
  • Redefining lifestyle – Keys to transitioning from the Industrial Age to Information Age
  • How to live consciously making every moment a meditation fully present to and accepting “what is”

Jan is a multidisciplinary leader and speaker. He can speak on subjects not covered in the list above.

Please find Jan’s new media consulting page and his biography.