SocialAgenda Media

SocialAgenda Media is an innovative Silicon Valley based Thought Leadership Marketing agency that launches remarkable people with remarkable ideas – authors, subject matter experts, entrepreneurs – visionaries in various fields.

Our advantage is the 360 degree approach to our clients representation.
The company drives results through integrated demand and lead generation programs that include design and promotion of crowdfunding campaigns, celebrity endorsements, digital marketing, social advocacy, thought leadership, content marketing and media relations, speakers placement. SocialAgenda Media’s mission is to identify and evangelize the ideas, principles and technologies that positively impact individuals, markets and communities.

Award winning journalists of our PR arm develops stories and write well researched articles that are consequential and memorable. We get them placed in major media outlets, as well as on corporate portals, blogs, in newsletters to build thought leadership position for our clients. Content from all channels is propagated on major social platforms to trigger social signals that improve search engine ranking and build your thought leadership position. When needed we engage celebrity icons to act as a spokespersons representing you in media, or to energize your marketing events.

Disrupting the existing PR ecosystem we offer publicity solutions motivated by our love for the social value of journalism and admiration for entrepreneurial businesses.

Rather than writing press releases and pitching ideas, we instead, uncover the differentiating stories about your business, write relevant, insightful articles about you and your industry, and place them in media most relevant for your audiences, generating positive public awareness, gaining search engine advantages, and provoking relevant social media conversations.

We save businesses money. We guarantee results. At the same time we offer content value to publications by generating compelling copy.

Traditionally, PR agencies rely on press releases and whether your company’s activities are inherently newsworthy. They “pitch” stories to publications. The media response to your story is limited by their choice to invest in paying their reporters to research and write it. We disrupt that traditional process for the benefit of both the media and your business when we uncover and write the stories that are interesting and reflective of industry trends.

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