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by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media. My executive coaching recognizes organizations reflect the personality of their leaders. I work with individuals to making improvements in their awareness of their inner processes, beliefs and patterns. We then identify the best conscious choices to replace what we agree is ineffective. We co-create practices to ground the […]

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You can find other videos on our Youtube Channel.

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by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media. I recognize the opportunity and burden of leadership requires individuals blessed with the role become eager students. Learning from case studies, self-study, constant reinvention and careful situational analysis is necessary to support the gift of a natural leadership personality. Our world cries out for more of us to […]

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by Jan Hutchins, a former Mayor of Los Gatos, CA. Recently named a Black Journalism Pioneer for his 20+ years as a television news and sports anchor in the Bay Area. Jan Hutchins is a motivational speaker, a coach for celebrities, now CEO of SocialAgenda Media whose mission is to identify and evangelize the ideas, principles and technologies […]

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I’ve just found out I’ve been honored (with several of my favorite “peeps” who are talented and admirable characters) as a Black Journalism Pioneer and will receive a tribute Saturday June 22nd along with fellow honorees Valerie Coleman, Gerri Lange, Barbara Rodgers and Ray Taliaferro at Geoffrey’s in Oakland. See the announcement here. The honorary […]

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By Jan Hutchins, CEO SocialAgenda Media I answered the phone feeling great. I was in Hawaii, after all, and the previous call had been to inform me I’d just won election to the Los Gatos, California town council and received the most votes among the candidates. “Jan Hutchins here!” I eagerly answered, “How can I […]

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